Make It: Recycled Chipboard Mini Book

I wanted to make something for a friend’s birthday, but first I needed to attend the party and take photos. It’s like one of my best qualities, to be an awesome party guest with a camera and then turn it into a photo album! You may remember, I made an engagement party album and they loved it so I figured no need to change up my style!

I pulled out the empty cereal boxes and decided that ~4.25″ x 6.5″ was something I could get enough pages from the chipboard on hand. Again, this album was considered complete on my end because it had photos, but the birthday girl was given instructions to finish out the book with her own journaling and doodles (because I figure, what’s the point of my memory of the night when it was her party?!)

If she liked the album, it was hard telling because she was not as excited as other people who get really pumped to see the projects I create. Or maybe the idea of journaling frightened her, who knows! The cool thing is that our Teen Librarian liked the project idea so much she booked me for a program in December! I am very interested in doing this project to show people that you do not need to buy tons of scrapbook supplies to create awesome projects.

We have been collecting terrific ephemera and embellishments for our Altered Book program on August 28, which I will post photos from the program and my book afterward.

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