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Printable Subway Poster on the Cheap

Halloween Subway Art

I like the idea of framing seasonal subway posters in my living room and here’s how I do it on the cheap:

1. Buy an 11×20 frame with mat for an 8×10 photo (don’t forget to use your coupons).

2. Upload the prints I like from Eighteen25 to my Shutterfly account.

3. When Shutterfly offers two 8×10 prints for FREE, select the prints and pay shipping. I’ve paid about $3 in tax and shipping per two prints.

3a. I have the Shutterfly app on my mobile devices with notifications activated.

3b. See image below (click to enlarge) to understand what settings to select so that Shutterfly does not auto-crop the prints

Instructions for printing at Shutterfly |udandi.com


For every day display, I wanted a print that celebrated Cincinnati. This Cincinnati poster is being offered a free download for personal use, not resale.

My mom requested a fish fry poster since she hangs her frame in kitchen. The fish fry poster is also available as a free download, for personal use, not for resale.

I didn’t see a St. Patrick’s Day poster I liked so I made my own. Free download, for personal use, not for resale.


FISHFRY | Cincinnati |udandi.com

St Patrick's Day printable poster subway art  |udandi.com

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