A friend wanted to workout together and invited me to Megan’s boot camp at Custom Physiques. Since the first session was free and I’m known for going to any studio that will have me, I was all in!

custom physiques Cincinnati #fitness| udandi.com

We warmed up on the treadmills and then since there were 6 of us, Megan set up six stations/exercise for 1 minute of work and we did this two times. Then, she set up a second round. We finished with ab work. During this time, there was only one other trainer working with one person and they finished before we were done.

custom physiques Cincinnati #fitness| udandi.com

It was a fast and fun workout that wasn’t boring. My fear with boot camps is it is a way for trainers to be lazy and just throw out some dumb bells and jump rope and say have at it for X minutes. If I wanted to do that, I’d go to my garage with a workout I found on Pinterest. This workout used sandbags, plyo boxes, medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX, bosu and the usual jump ropes, dumb bells and mat floor work.

custom physiques Cincinnati #fitness| udandi.com

Megan, trainer at Custom Physiques

If you’re looking for a place north of 275 for small group personal training-type workouts, check out Custom Physiques in Loveland, Ohio (Cincinnati).

custom physiques Cincinnati #fitness| udandi.com


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