My Best Tip for Staying Warm, Stylish and Comfy During Winter #LiveInLayers

This post is sponsored by Cuddl Duds but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The worst part about working in libraries in the winter: the cold.

Either you’re at the desk near the doors which constantly open or you’re in some drafty back room sitting at a desk with little movement to keep warm.

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My solution? Stay home on the sofa with Vince and a space heater.

Just kidding! I #LiveInLayers

Cuddle Duds makes a variety of products that can be worn as layers or not.

I paired the Cuddl Duds softknit leggings (think sweater) with the long sleeve tunic with a cowl neck and topped it with the fleecewear wrap on top because it’s warm and cozy and has pockets!

Those leggings work well as a base layer under a dress for work topped with the tunic or another shirt along with the fleecewear wrap and boots.

And works well for taking Vince on a lovely nature walk.

cuddl duds #liveinlayers |

If you’re experiencing a cold workplace, do yourself a favor and find Cuddl Duds at Macy’s to warm up your winter #LiveInLayers!

In my photos, I’m wearing:
Softwear with Stretch Cowl Tunic in Black
Fleecewear with Stretch Wrap in Black
Softknit Leggings in Dark Charcoal

cuddl duds #liveinlayers |

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