Weekly Update | Jan 10

Wallsits & Squats
I’m still doing this, but not posting the time photo every day on Instagram because I think that’s probably boring to my followers and if want to update my Statigram header, I don’t want it to be full of times (so vain). The squats are getting intense (60 today) but I’m varying them with swings and overhead press so it’s a little more than just leg work.

Saturday, I went to a new-to-me instuctor’s spin class and I wasn’t late, but I guess a chunk of people show up for an earlier class and claim bikes, which meant I was in the front row. At least a third of the class got to enjoy my juicy booty every time we climbed a hill. That will teach them not to get to class too early and hog the bikes – ha! 700cal It was a really great workout with decent music (I’m over We Are Young and Some Nights).

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings are on my schedule for spinning this week.

Hot Yoga
I’m going on Friday this week for Yoga Jamz, it is a bit more relaxed and she plays music! Also, my review for the yoga studio was chosen as the Yelp Review of the Day – woot!

Biggest Loser
I watched Monday’s episode, but I will not be watching past 9pm in the future, because staying up past 9:30pm and getting up at 4:30am really messes up my day. Besides Jillian, Bob and Dolvert should know that sleep is essential to healthy living (ie not over-eating, eating out of sleepiness).

New DVDs
I tried the Pussycat Dolls workouts and they’re better described as dance instruction. I was going to try a Tracey Anderson workout, but some reviews made it sound like if you’re not a dancer, you’ll be lost. I should write a review for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders workout instead of finding a new one to try.

I went to the dentist so I had to take the obligatory post-dental cleaning car photo. I love my dentist, but how to they manage to get my hair out from under my head and then pinned between their body and the chair?! I guess I’m going to have to rock a side ponytail and see if that prevents it, but at one point I was pinned down to the chair by my hair. Cripes!


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