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Paige at CincyWhimsy tells me readers are thirsting for knowledge about water bottles to aid in drinking more water.

My water bottles appear in a lot of the lunch photos I post for Lunch It Punch It and when I’m taking photos at work because, my life revolves around my next meal and they’re the most colorful thing in my cube!

Probably ten years ago, I had a reusable Naglene bottle but it didn’t fit in my cup holder. I forgot it was on the floor of my car and as I opened the door it rolled out, dropped and cracked. The end.

Next I chose a SIGG bottle because it wasn’t plastic, but I dropped it a few times and one of the dents turned into a hole. Just as well since it turned out I had a pre-2008 bottle, which meant the liner contained BPA. It wasn’t a cheap bottle.


The water bottles I use today, I bought at Target as end-of-summer clearance items I wouldn’t see again. The price of 3 was less than what I paid for that SIGG bottle.


Having three bottles, I rotate what I take to work, the gym and keep in the fridge at home so there’s always chilled water. I’ve dropped these, they have dents, but no holes.


I like the flip-open cap and spout for drinking, but I’ve found they easily open from a little pressure so it is possible they would leak if in a bag. They fit in my car’s cup holder so I don’t have to worry about them rolling around on the seat or floor. My mom got a new bottle and it’s too big to fit in her car, just something to keep in mind.


McDonald’s gave me this insulated cup (because I talk to them on Twitter and saidI love them!), which I keep at work in case I forget my water bottle.


A couple years ago, my coworker wanted one of those Starbuck’s double walled tumblers and after seeing the price, I balked. A chance trip to McAlister’s and I ended up buying one of their tumblers for her, my sister and myself. I find having a straw means I drink more water. I keep this at home, because I tend to drop things and this is plastic and I don’t want it to crack.

There are plenty of bottles out there, I lucked out with these because I like the flip caps, but can drink out of the bottle itself since the opening isn’t too big. One of my employers gave us water bottles, but the opening was too big so when you drank out of it, the other side rested under your nose. Odd.

I tried the camelbak bottles, but couldn’t do the bite and slurp thing. I hear enough warnings that drinking out of straws is going to give me laugh line wrinkles so I don’t want to hear that these bottles cause jaw problems.

One of my spinning instructors had a glass water bottle in a cover, knocked it off the bike and shattered it. She got a new one and did the exactly same thing. The floor is cement, so hopefully she opted for something not made of glass for her next bottle!

There are plenty of bottles out there to inspire you to drink more water, the following products are available at Amazon (affiliate):

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