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Upcycled Halloween Wreath

pants into halloween wreathI wanted a Halloween wreath for my front door, but I didn’t really want to spend much money to make one. Unfortunately, I have this knack for ripping my work pants, at work no less.

Having seen a variety of wreath ideas I decided I would further shred my pants into strips and do the knot, knot look around the wreath form. Now, for the wreath form and because I wasn’t real sure how well I would execute this idea, I decided to try the foam insulation tube into a circle trick. The tube costs about a $1 at the hardware store versus a foam wreath form for about $5 at the craft stores (I never luck out at the thrift stores).

pants into halloween wreath

The rosettes are a felted sweater. Cut a circle and then cut the circle in a spiral until you have a long strip. Then, roll it up until you have a rosette and put on your wreath.

After hanging a little while, it isn’t a perfect circle wreath, but I don’t mind especially because this cost me $1 for the form and the rest of the materials were upcycled or recycled from my house.

What have you remade from materials around your house?

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