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Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD

Tracy Anderson Mat workout DVD |

Review: Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD

I’m working my way through reviewing the Tracy Anderson Method workout DVDs, because we have them at the library and I thought I would enjoy them since I like the mat aerobics workouts I do at Clear Wellness.

For me, the Tracy Anderson Method workouts are a big departure from spinning or lifting weights because it is a workout compromised of certain movements meant to target the accessory muscles. As you can see from my heart rate monitor watch, doing the Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout (aff), I’m not burning through calories in this workout. That’s not to say I don’t get something from this workout, my core seems to get the most benefit.

With her workouts, plan to position yourself in a way that you can always view your television or computer screen because she is terrible at queuing. For the ab/core movement part, you’ll have to mimic what she’s doing without feeling like you’re making a fool of yourself. If you live with someone who is not especially encouraging of your working out at home, I would recommend doing this DVD when you’re alone.

This is nearly an hour workout and it would be nice (and I feel like I say this about several workout DVDs), to be able to do parts instead of having to go through the whole thing. Like, maybe you really do just want to work on your arms, not legs too.

One thing I like is that these are workouts I can do barefoot at home. The ability to work on my balance without shoes is helpful, to not curl my toes but actually use the balls of my feet. If you need a workout at home without feeling like a workout, you might try this or one of her other DVDs, which I’ll be sharing soon.

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