Tips: For Using Craigslist

  • Determine reasonable prices – I’ll be honest, when looking at ads, I do not care if you paid $200 for a new recliner 7 years ago, it is now used. Depending on the condition, you might be able to get 1/4 to 1/3 of that price
  • Consider listing your items after 11pm so that they appear at the top of that day’s postings
  • Do not spam Craigslist – one listing per category, per city, no more often than about every 48 hours (Craigslist Policies)
  • Craigslist offers plenty of room to provide complete product information
  1. Measurements
  2. Condition
  3. Price
  4. From a pet-free, smoke-free home (It may not be important to you, but it is to allergy sufferers)
  • Include appealing photos – you can list up to four
  1. Consider multiple angles of an item
  2. Orient them appropriately – would you want to crank your neck to the side to look at someone’s old recliner?
  3. Avoid using blurry photos, which might lead one to believe you are hiding its true condition or loads of pet hair on the recliner
  • If you only want serious buyers, say it!
  1. Cash and carry
  2. Pay and pick up
  • If you will be using your email to communicate, plan to check your email somewhat frequently after listing an item – leaving a potential buyer hanging might result in a missed sale!
  • Ignore the emails from distant buyers who will send a “cheque”
  • Be upfront if you are entertaining multiple offers – the first to pay, take the items
  • Do not waste all day waiting around on buyers, determine a timeframe for pick up and have them commit (the best you can)
  • Safety first! Avoid stranger danger:
  1. Carefully consider whether you want to give out your phone number (I was okay giving my cell because it is not searchable via Google)
  2. Do not have potential buyers come when you are alone
  3. Consider having the item near your door or outside (weather permitting) to avoid letting strangers in your place
  • After an item sells, delete your listing from Craiglist – no need to clutter the list with items that are no longer available
  • Celebrate your sale with more de-cluttering or at least not buying others’ clutter!!!

Like ebay or half, certain items lend themselves to being well sold on certain marketplaces, this worked for furniture, but it may not work well for other items. The comments are open for readers to chime in with what you have sold through Craigslist!

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Tips: For Using Craigslist

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