The Ten Legal Commandments of Photography

fall photographyI love photography, not so much being a subject, but being behind the camera. Lately, I have been reading digital photography books and while I do not have a digital SLR, I am challenging myself to take my point and shoot off auto and use the manual settings. Also, I am trying to carry my camera more so I am available to capture photos at the ready, which is why I found The Ten Legal Commandments of Photography from Photojojo to be very helpful.

This weekend, I am going to Pharmasis’ so we can take her kids out for fall photos (while my brother-in-law hangs back and gets his study on). A couple weeks ago, while we were all at my parents I made the kids go outside because the mums had bloomed and coordinated well with baby-J’s outfit. I only really like posed photography when I can pick the background. Having children pose together in front of Aunt Myrtle’s curio cabinet filled with Precious Moment figurines grosses me out, I’d rather just take candid shots ๐Ÿ™‚

Pixelpipe is on my list of sites to explore. Anyone using it?

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