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Sushi Rolling 101

Thanks to my University of Dayton alumni group, I got to learn how to roll my own sushi at Fusian. The owners of Fusian are UD alum as well. I previously wrote about them when Yelp hosted a party when it was called Soho.

Since everyone can be a Flyer for a day, I invited Maureen and Mandi. They are how I first heard of Fusian back when it was SoHo and Maureen is big on organizing sushi rampage nights.

I was completely impressed with my ability to fold, tuck, roll and seal that I am thinking if library funding takes a serious nose-dive, I’ll try my hand at sushi making!

P.S. I updated WordPress and now I’ve lost the ability to insert photos after I’ve saved a post, which is why none appear in this post.

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