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Sucre – Sweet Boutique

I’m not a popular blogger who needs to take to Twitter complaining about the pitches I get, because I don’t get that many, but occasionally I get very sweet ones. I was contacted by Sucré and asked if I would like to receive some of their chocolates. I said sure, especially because the website claimed to have world’s best chocolate almond toffee enrobed in dark chocolate. And mentioned macaroons.

I love dark chocolate over milk chocolate. And I love toffee, turtles, dark chocolate-dipped pretzels, and sweet and salty combinations. I’m saying this in case another chocolate shop stumbles upon my site and wants to send me a treat. You’ve got my preferences 😉

sucre choco

A box packed on ice arrived at my door and it was beautifully packed, but there was no toffee or macaroons. The box of chocolates were delightful and the full-color brochure helped me and my fellow tester know what we were having, but I couldn’t even tell what the name of the box is so you can find it on the website. Was it tasty? Enough. Do I think I experienced the best this business has to offer? Probably not.

For me, chocolate is like music, there are so many types and people love what they love. I’ve had and love Graeters, Aglamesis, Esther Price and recently found Auel’s in my hometown so it’s hard to be blown away by other chocolate companies.

If you want to send chocolates in pretty packaging, Sucré will fit the bill!

Disclosure: Sucré sent me chocolates. Opinions in this post are my own.

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