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studio s hyde park cincinnati

Studio S was recommended to me if I wanted to take the best spinning class in Cincinnati. I saw a class called S60, which was a strength class. I was greeted at the door by Susie, the owner, and shown around the studio and appreciated being welcomed and introduced to the other students.

I used to worry that the class would be beyond my limits, but now I worry that I’ll be bored. Of all the group fitness classes I’ve taken lately this has been the best. It was made up of 1-minute intervals alternating cardio and strength using your own body weight, medicine ball and dumb bells. Throughout the class Susie encouraged each student and worked with our ability so we could get the most out of the class. This usually doesn’t happen in group fitness classes, even those with six or less students, so this felt like personal training. This was a challenging and great class that you leave knowing how much you’re capable of.

For their spinning classes, they offer spinning shoes and heart rate monitors, which is great and something I haven’t seen at other spinning studios so I can see why their classes come recommended.

If you’re looking for a challenging class, check out S60 or their spinning class.

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