Why I like Spinning

Have you ever admitted something and felt great afterward? Not like puking up your guilt and making someone else feel terrible, but admitting to yourself you don’t enjoy something?

I don’t like running.

I ran cross country in high school and never enjoyed all that time spent in my own head. If you want to illicit an eye-roll from me, say any of the following:

“You know what’s good for burning calories? Running!”

“I love running, I just get up, put on my shoes and run. I don’t need to pay to workout!”

“Have you heard of C25K? I’m using it to become a runner, you should too!”

Trust me when I say, I’m happy you have something that spurs you to wake early and bust a move, but I don’t believe exercise is a one-size fits all experience. No matter how much you talk about running, I will not participate in 5k, adding a 13.1 or 26.2 sticker to my car is not on my bucket list and I’m not downloading an app that has zombies chasing me.

If you ask me about spinning, of course, I’ll tell you to try a class but I won’t promise it will be your favorite workout.

I thought I’d need a friend to attend spinning with me, but realized I had all the motivation in myself to show up early and ask an instructor for bike set-up. When I went to a different location with different bikes, I asked for more help. It is easy to remember every one was new once.

I’ve been averaging 3 spinning classes a week for 28 weeks. Although I’ve been trying other workouts as opportunities allow, I’m not bored with spinning and it is my frequent cardio workout.

I’ve had zero injuries and don’t need to ice down after my workouts.

The classes I take are 45 minutes and according to my heart rate monitor, burn 500 calories so I’m happy with that number while not adding much stress to my body.

I love that each class has a different instructor, different workout and most of all different music. I never have to worry about having my iPhone loaded with fresh workout music or remembering to pack my earbuds.

I’m reminded that spinning is my workout and I can adjust resistance and cadence to suit me.

I’m strapped to a bike so no one can tell if I’m coordinated, like in Zumba where it is completely obvious I’m not.

As an indoor workout, weather has never been an excuse for not working out.

Since I have allergies, it was recommenced that I find an indoor, deep-breathing activity to loosen the gunk in my chest (sexy time!) and spinning has helped tremendously.

My doctor says I have a beautiful resting rate heart (I take the compliments where I get them) and I attribute that to spinning.

My tips for spinning:
First time, arrive to class early so an instructor can help with bike set-up
Bring and towel water
Wear comfortable clothing
Don’t worry about seat comfort so much that you talk yourself out of trying a class – I’ve never worn padded shorts or used a padded seat and although I could tell I was using my sit bones, I went back two days later for my next class
You’re not going to know all the terminology in the first class, so don’t worry about it
If you don’t want to increase your resistance, don’t. But don’t pretend to reach down and turn it, because you’ll look silly when others are decreasing their resistance and you forgot to pretend to turn again
It’s your ride, it’s your workout so enjoy it!

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