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Shoe Organization

shoe organization

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When I lived in an apartment, I kept my shoes in a Rubbermaid bin–classy. Once I got settled into my house, I decided I needed to find a better way to organize my shoes to speed up my morning routine.

My front hall closet is very deep and with nothing on the floor, I decided to use this area for my shoes. I have a 15 compartment shoe organizer and decided if I could not fit all my shoes in or on this organizer, I would need to eliminate some shoes (again fewer choices speeds up the morning process).

This has worked well, because just like Mr. Rogers I come home sit down and change out of my shoes into my flip/slides and put my shoes away.

As for my bedroom closet floor, I stow my laundry basket there, which is why the organizer does not fit. The previous owner had her shoes in a hanger on the door, but since the clothes are so close to the door that the soles of my shoes would be touching my clean clothes and that grosses me out.

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