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Shillito Elves at Newport on the Levee

As a child, my mom would take my siblings and I downtown for a day of Christmas fun. Our first stop was always Shillitos to see the elves. The elves disappeared in 1986.

A couple of years ago, I heard two elf scenes were on display around Cincinnati and I went out to see them and re-live my childhood memories. I’m sure somewhere on my external disk drive there is a fuzzy photo from my Blackberry from this trip.

This year, a campaign was started to bring back the elves and they’re on display at shop in Newport on the Levee. Some of the original employees helped bring the display back to life for a new generation to enjoy. Thanks to 365 Cincinnati, I got to enjoy the display with a couple of local bloggers and their children and they kids seemed to enjoy each scene just as much as I did as a child!

Since this is no longer underwritten by a department store, there is a fee. But there are also Lego trains, a Dickens village and 30-minute pass to Gameworks for video games. Hopefully, people will come out in support this year and they can work toward corporate sponsors next year (since none were interested when they started).

Can you figure out why this part of the Lego display is my favorite?!

For more information, visit the Facebook page

Thank you to 365Cincinnati letting me re-live my childhood dreams, now if only Provident Bank were here for an afternoon holiday treat!

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  1. Tricia @ Take 10
    December 6, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    So much fun, wasn’t it? Great to see you again. I’m about to post about it as well…you beat me to it!

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