Send It: Lunch Bag Albums

WIP scrapbooks
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Most of these albums I have hand-delivered, but one I had to mail.

Since I use the jumbo lunch bags the finished albums measure bigger than 5×5 and square envelopes require extra postage, but a big square would require even more postage – not that person isn’t worth it but I knew I could find an alternative.

Days prior I had been sent a packet of (junk paper) in the 9×12 envelope, which I folded and taped down into a new size.

Some times I turn those Tyvek mailers inside-out and re-use the envelope. One post office worker accused me of taking new Priority Mailers and turning them inside out to use. I had not at the time, choosing to recycle ones that had been sent to me, but it did give me and idea to do so in a pinch. Of course, using the mailers without the service probably means the rates will increase, oh wait…

That package was just under 5 oz and normally I keep my postage receipts so I have an item of similar weight will cost to send. I input the zip codes into the web site to get the price.

There’s been much chatter in the blogosphere about the Forever Stamp, but not too much noting the rest of USPS increases on May 14.

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