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Review: Hello Fresh

This is a non-compensated post about Hello Fresh. My friend provided my first Hello Fresh box free and I signed up for my own boxes.

It’s hard to admit, having written a blog for years celebrating the packed lunch, that when it comes to cooking I’ve been in a slump. But here I am. Or should I say, you can find standing at the kitchen counter eating a sandwich or salad I quickly assembled?

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For months, my friend has been using and loving Hello Fresh so much she wanted me to try it thinking it would help me figure out a dinner with a protein, vegetable and carb.

Hello Fresh Review by

Finally, I signed up and accepted the free meal box. Some of my hesitation was from not knowing what free actually entailed. With Hello Fresh, I could sign up and give my credit card information, but immediately pause any boxes after my free one.

Due to the convenience of using their app, I chose to pay for one box after my free box. I signed up to receive my first Hello Fresh box on a Tuesday, but wish I had said Saturday. I could have called to change that, but didn’t. The box I paid for, I did switch to Saturday delivery. Before you order, you might think about your schedule and when would be the best time to receive a box of food to prepare for meals.

While I’ve only made six meals, they have re-energized me and I’m looking forward to cooking again!

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Part of my challenge of cooking for one person is that most recipes I find online or in magazines are designed to make four or more servings, which means I’m eating three servings as leftovers. That is okay at times because it makes lunch packing a cinch, but it also means repetition when I don’t have a large variety of recipes to enjoy.

Speaking of recipes found online, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been duped by a well photographed plate without really matching the ingredient list to my palate. I usually find myself shopping and spending the time making this recipe only to find out it it is bland, a waste of time, and something that photographed well.

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With Hello Fresh, I’ve been able to try new recipes and while not too fanciful they’re also not difficult to prepare – I’ve been able to get them from box to plate in about 30 minutes, which is usually the time listed on the recipe card. Since I’m doing the Classic box, I’m able to choose my meals from the ones they pick for the week.

I really like that the only ingredients I’ve needed in-house are salt, pepper and oil and the rest are sent to me. I haven’t had the guilt of buying ingredients for a new recipes and then not using them again because I don’t have another recipe to try. Plus, when it comes to produce, I can never get the amount correct for the recipe I need so I usually waste a little there, too.

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As I mentioned above, I chose the Hello Fresh Classic Box so I’m able to choose what meals I will get, I’ve already picked my delivery day, the meals come to my door packed on ice and fresh. So far none of the shipments have been missing any items, but looking through the app with the post-delivery survey, it seems easy to let them know what was missing. Hello Fresh also wants your feedback on the meal and you can post your meals to social and then see what others are creating.

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Really not having to pick a recipe, plan a shopping list, go to the grocery and then make the meal is, for me, worth the price of the box. True, I’ve told my friends who have questioned the cost that I don’t plan on doing a Hello Fresh box every week, possibly every third week just to keep things interesting. But I also don’t eat out many meals, which can gobble up a food budget in nothing flat.

Have you tried Hello Fresh? What are you thoughts? Leave a comment below!

This is a non-compensated post about Hello Fresh. My friend provided my first Hello Fresh box free and I signed up for my own boxes. Randomly they provide referrals so if you’re interested in one, let me know with a comment, and if I have them to share I will. Where asked you will need to provide your email (no one but me can see it). Otherwise, you can save $40 off your first box by signing up through my referral link to Hello Fresh.

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