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Review: Fooducate App

Since getting an iPhone one of my most used apps after Twitter and Facebook has been the Fooducate app, which has the tagline Eat a Bit Better.

As stated on the site, it offers:

Healthify your supermarket choices.
Eliminate nutrition label confusion.
Independent, objective food recommendations.

I will admit I putz around a bit more at the grocery store as I scan items just to see what the app says, items I have no intention of buying. But it was great for learning about Greek yogurt which seems to be all the rage. I eat plain, nonfat yogurt which is 110 calories a serving while the Chobani is 190. Even if I add a tablespoon of honey to my yogurt, it is only 150 calories. More than that it addresses things like artificial flavors, sugars and explains why you should take note of these items.

You can see in the photo I scanned that pre-packaged Oscar Mayer lunch and it received at C- each product has a screen with more information that explains why it was given the rating. Fooducate also provides alternatives which in the case of items like salad dressing or yogurt are very similar type products and that Oscar Mayer lunch it was items like turkey burgers and pocket sandwiches.

It keeps two lists your scanning history and your like history, so if you like an item you can find it a little more easily than going through your history. At various times there will be messages to scan your favorite product in a certain category for a chance to win a gift card. My guess this is done to help increase the number of items in the database. Several times I have scanned a store item and it has not been available, but there is an option to take photos of the nutritional panel, ingredients and front of product and submit it for inclusion.  I can’t remember, for sure, but I think I got a message letting me know the item was finished.

I’ve enjoyed using the app a big take away for me is that if it is in a crinkly bag, aka a snack, it is going to have a poor score and that includes Stacey’s Pita chips. Years ago because a health conscious coworker would eat Stacy’s chips, I jumped to the conclusion they were a better pick than say potato chips. According to Fooducate, Target’s Market Pantry kettle chips (C+) score better than Stacy’s pita chips (D+). Obviously once something is fried all bets are off, but this app can help you pick the least offensive snack when it is time for a little indulgence.

The app is available for the Android and iPhone and this review was not paid for, suggested or requested by Fooducate. I’m just a user and fan!

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