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Review: Crunch – Cardio Dance Blast

cardioblastHappy New Year!
With that many people will flood the gyms that next few weeks hoping to stick with a workout plan so I thought I would check out some workout videos and give my review.

Crunch – Cardio Dance Blast is a fun workout, possibly not the most challenging workout but if you are at home and want to do something a little fun but do not have a lot of floor space this is a good pick. The host is not overly annoying and her back-ups are wearing street clothes. I did this workout on carpet in sneakers, but I think I would try it in socks since there is a bit of pivoting on the ball of your feet and that does not work well if you have rubber sole sneakers on carpet. On the otherhand, it could be dangerous if you do not have sturdy feet so do not take my note as advice and injury yourself.

As for the actual workout, she gives you a warm up, 6 dances and a cooldown and she shows you all the moves so if you think you have two left feet, like me, you should not have too much trouble learning the moves and then putting them all together. Like most workout videos, onces you master one sequence it is time to learn another. This does not have anything in the way of strength training, but if you want a fun workout at home and don’t have much floor space, try this video!

This would have been a great workout video for 2005 in which my resolution was to do more dancing because I could have used some of these moves!

This review was made possible by checking out materials from my local library. I was not compensated for this post. I wrote it because I like the product. This post contains an affiliate link. It does not cost you, the reader, anything to shop through my affiliate links, but I have the potential to make pennies on the dollar if you make a purchase.

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