Recipe: Chicken & Stuffing Casserole

Chicken and stuffing casserole

Often the word casserole makes me shudder because it’s like slop in pan, I really know how to paint a picture! This is one casserole from my childhood that I can stomach because the dressing crisps up on top and keeps it from being sloppy. There are times when I don’t have both cream of chicken AND cream of mushroom soups so I just use one and all is well.

4 chicken breast, cooked
1 box Stove Top dressing
1 stick butter
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup
2 cup chicken broth

1. Melt butter and mix in Stove Top (you will not be making Stove Top according to its directions, just using the contents)
2. Put half of stuffing-butter mixture in the bottom of a dish (the recipe called for 9×13, but I’ve used 7×11 brownie pan and 6×9 pan as seen in the photo).
3. Shred chicken and place on top of stuffing.
4. Mix soups and chicken broth together and pour on top of chicken.
5. Top with other half of stuffing.
6. Bake at 350* for 50 minutes.

When it is done baking, I portion this out into six containers for lunch or dinner and store in the fridge. I’ll pair this with broccoli and an apple.

Recipe Source: My mom’s coworker from 20+ years ago and we actually call it Kim’s Casserole.

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