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In response to who I do my crafting for…me! I like the challenge of making something otherwise regarded for the trash, of styling a piece of jewelry that no one else will have and sending a birthday card that’s unique to the recipient. It is thrilling to me the way some might enjoy sporting events or gadgets or tinkering on engines. I come from a family of do-it-yourselvers. Both of my parents and siblings are creative and handy and speaking of their talents are posts in themselves.

There are only a certain few people I can give handcrafted gifts to and that’s because almost any crafter will tell you of the heartbreaking experience when so

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  1. Tori
    July 20, 2006 at 12:22 am

    Okay, I’ll be back often to look through this list.

    I love the coke can idea, too cute! *Ü*

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