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My Friends’ Projects!

In the past week, I’ve gotten two picture texts from friends sharing their projects – I love this! I like that they want to share their DIY projects and craftiness with me!

sinkSarah let me know that her boyfriend installed the Ikea Lillangen vanity in their bathroom. If it looks familiar, it should, she was inspired after I replaced my pedestal sink with one. She went with the frosted glass door on white cabinet while I have the birch.

Then, I got a picture text from Jen, who has been to my place for a crafternoon, with the following message

I had myself a craftevening. Custom kitchen towels made out of baby diapers and scrap fabric ๐Ÿ™‚

If you did know, udandi has a Facebook fan page. Fans can upload and share their project with the other fans (or you can email me, but I’ll probably share them here!) and hopefully you’ll get accolades, too!

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