Music: Cycling and Yoga

A while ago I mentioned that an instructor asked for song suggestions so I gave her some and then posted a few on the udandi Facebook fan page. Someone asked what else I suggested, so I thought I’d share. I have no shame when it comes to my music preferences.

For spinning, I only like trance-y songs for a couple fast times, not the whole ride. I like slow songs for hill climbs, pop music for jumps and the others for progressive resistance loads. I put some songs I like in a Amazon widget so you can sample my picks. I’m not a spinning instructor so when I’m going to ride solo, I organize my songs loosely on how I plan to ride. The way they are presented is not how I would use them.

Not in iTunes or Amazon are Kiss my A** Classic KISS Regrooved and the Love and Basketball sound track, Extreme covers KISS’ Strutter and Angie Stone covers Simply Red’s Holding Back the Years. Despite what Prince thinks, I’m a fan of covers especially when done differently than the original.

If we could do yoga to Sweet Child of Mine, then I’m pretty sure any song could work but I would prefer less rock or jarring songs (despite loving GnR).

There you go, just a little taste of what I like.

Bonus, these are FREE MP3s at the time of this post. I’ve heard that Mumford & Sons on the radio enough to last me a lifetime. Some others are Irish for St. Patrick’s Day and there was something like carefree waves for all those who have trouble relaxing.

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