Make It: Crazy Cakes

This train cake was posted on a message board and it got me thinking about the type of cake I would like to serve up for Father’s Day. Either the train or log cabin cake would be easy to make from HoHos (or Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls).

Or I could modify the Krispy Kreme wedding cake or the DingDong wedding cake. I don’t think my Dad would like a Twinkie cake or a pile of Hostess treats, but a cake made of Moon Pies would really knock him over!

Photos of more Twinkie cakes

If you’re looking for low-fat/cal recipes, check out this web site that had thumbnail photos of the dessert along with the recipe. Seeing a photo is a huge factor for me to even try a recipe.

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  1. norththreads
    June 16, 2006 at 1:50 pm

    Amazing cakes, yummy! Thanks for visiting, and yes they are SU markers! I used to sell

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