Love It: My Reusable Grocery Bags

Kroger bags
Originally uploaded by udandi.

In the summer I was wooed by Envirosax bags for their pretty designs, but found them to be cost prohibitive. Luckily, one of my lovely readers said her Giant Eagle grocery store sells bags. At the time, my local grocers were not selling any bags.

A few months ago, Kroger started selling bags, which are about the size of a brown bag, for 99 cents. jackpot! They are not canvas, but rather than softer woven material that is lightweight and folds easily so I can keep them in my car and ready to go! They have a flat bottom with an extra piece in the bottom so they are reinforced and stand up nicely. The black bag is a freebie I got from Zyron and also made from the same material, but is so big I have to be careful that the bagger does not overload it with heavy stuff!

The best part is that when I take my own bags to Kroger, I get 5 cents per bag back per visit!

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