Libraries + Brown Bagging

It’s Sunday…I’m printing photos out on my printer for a project while catching up on the blogosphere. JP asked How Cheaply Can You Brown Bag Your Lunch? because of a WSJ article about brown bagging it. For as much as I love Coco-Cola, my lunchtime drink is water and you get more crunch with nature’s chips (aka carrots) than potato chips. A 16oz bag of carrots are about $1 where as chips are what $3.50 for probably less then 16oz? You know, you’re going to eat those chips for more than just lunch!

I liked Boston Gal’s post title You know the economy is bad when the WSJ rediscovers libraries and then one of her posters remarked on having seen the third article of frugality in the Wall Street Journal. Some people don’t realize in addition to books, CDs and DVDs some libraries even have software to checkout. Or that you can access your library’s catalog online, place requests for materials available in the entire system and then choose to pick them up at one location (however this is not an instantaneous action). That’s just the beginning of what your library probably offers, go find your library and see what else it does (than take your librarian some Simply Lemonade! because she’s just drinking water, you know!)

In Cincinnati, the Anderson Township Library Association’s used book sale raised $56,700, which was the most successful sale in the organization’s 28-year history. The ATLA benefits two branches of The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

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