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When I started this blog, I was in search of anything related to lunches and naturally when people think of packed lunches they think kids, not adults. Since we’re in the thick of back to school season, I think it is important to share lunch and snack ideas that help create life-long lunch packers. Now, my niece is just like me and content to eat the same lunch just about every day so offering up her menu would be less than helpful, but to start I’ve found a few sites with ideas.

Savor the Thyme runs down a list of Sandwiches and Main Choices and Snack and Sides along with a third post of Lunch Box Ideas.

If cucumber snakes, Pb&J sushi rolls and apple pocket pies excite your child, then check out the easy after school snacks at the Family Kitchen that could be adapted for a packed lunch. Also, find Healthy Snacks ideas ranging from vegetables to muffins.

Cucee Sprouts shares a list of store bought and homemade snacks and lunch ideas.  She has a granola with almonds recipe that I might try out.

This Mama Cooks writes about Healthy Back to School Snacking providing ideas for store bought and homemade snacks, so there’s something for every kitchen skill level. Her Back to School with a Healthy Egg and Spinach Sandwich looks like a tasty option for adults and kids alike.

Now, that I’ve thrown a bunch of links at you, I guess it is a matter of opening a spreadsheet, making a list of ideas and running them past your lunch packer(s) and finding what works for both of you.

Good luck and happy lunch packing! If you post packed lunch ideas and/or photos on your blog, please come back and share the link in the comments or on Packed Lunch Ideas for Kids post.

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