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It’s Working Out | Cincinnati

If you’ve driven west on Columbia Parkway toward downtown Cincinnati you have seen the colorful wall in the parking lot of It’s Working Out, a TRX suspension training studio.

It's Working Out TRX training in Cincinnati review by

I’ve tried TRX at other studios, but the instruction I received from Kristen the owner of It’s Working Out was the most thorough and complete from understanding the proper way to adjust the system to how to position my body.

It's Working Out TRX training in Cincinnati review by

To start my class, she checked in with me on my fitness level, goals, and helped me modify exercises so I was working at my best level throughout the class and not struggling. In addition to her welcoming spirit the other students around me were great and never made me feel like I was any less capable because I chose to modify an exercise. It is a small studio and you cannot help but be close to others, so it is really nice when I feel like I’m not a distraction to others and I’m not distracted by not doing exactly what everyone else is.

It's Working Out TRX training in Cincinnati review by

I was surprised at how quickly a class could fly by and what a sweat I could work up! It wasn’t just standing and pushing or pulling, we had some cardio work mixed in due to the swiftness in which we moved through the exercises.

It's Working Out TRX training in Cincinnati review by

One friend asked why the shoe policy — they try to keep the floors clean and free of debris so you’re asked to either change into you workout shoes when you arrive or clean your shoes when you come. You know how it is when you plant your hands/arms into tiny bits of gravel to do mountain climbs, burpess and planks.

If you’re an early bird, you might like that they offer 7:15am (40 minute) Saturday and 5:45am (50 minute) Tuesday and Thursday classes. But they have classes throughout the day and into evening. All the instructors I encountered were just as encouraging as Kristen so it is nice to know she has a consistent, friendly staff that welcomes all types and abilities and works with students to achieve their best.

I was happy that after I went to this studio and posted about it on Instagram, another friend decided to go check out a TRX class. If you’re equally as curious about TRX suspension training, make an appointment to take a class at It’s Working Out!

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