Inexpensive Pool Toys

With pool season here, I’m excited to spend one of pool days with my little buddies! I was looking through my fridge to see what would become a pool toy this summer. Instead of buying toys, I collect and thoroughly clean plastic food containers to use at the pool or beach. This way when at the public pool and another kid comes along, starts playing with your toys and wanders off with them (and this will happen even with the no-frills toys), you can easily replace them.

One of the best beach toys we had last year was the big coffee container with a handle. It worked well for scooping sand and hauling water, better than any of the sand pails. Another popular toy that I make sure I have enough for each child is Kraft’s grated Parmesan cheese container because the lid has two different pouring sides. Any plastic container from yogurt, sour cream or dips work well too because of the scooping and pouring of water. Paint brushes and spray bottles are fun additions, too.

When my nephew was 5, he was showing off his under-watering swimming skills so I brought out some pennies and had his 2-year-old sister help me throw “treasures” out for him to find. I only recommend this if you, yourself, enjoy going under water, too, to find treasures which you might have to do as backup!

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