Fused Target Bag Tutorial #udanDIY

I love sewing zipper pouches! I love recycling Target’s plastic bags!

zipper pouches from target fused bags

Making them from fused Target bags means they’re like a Tyvek-type material perfect for a make-up bag or used a wet bag in gym or swim bag. I’ve also used these bags for make-up, first aid kits for my desk at work, coin purse for the swim bag, and gift giving because they’re fun! Sometimes I just give them away on my Instagram.


Before I explain how to make these I have a couple of notes:

Have you ever tried to sew with Tyvek, the material of those USPS Priority Mail envelopes? It’s stiff unlike fabric so it can be trickier to turn out corners so keep that in mind when you’ve made a teeny-tiny pattern.

I use a denim sewing machine needle.

I have tried grocery store plastic bags and they shrink and crinkle up to a near nothingness.

I have no clue what health ramifications I could be encountering by heating plastic bags and while I don’t wear gloves, I don’t stick my fingers on the iron or hot surface.

Please take precautions or even sit this one out to protect your health, ironing board, iron, work surface, etc.

4-6 Target bags
2 heat-resistant craft sheets*
ironing board
Tongs or chopsticks

*I have used paper from those giant desk blotter calendars and been semi successful, the key is to not let the paper stick to the plastic. But most crafters/makers I know have heat resistant craft sheets.


Target plastic bag

Lay out each bag to smooth out any wrinkles

Target plastic bag

Cut off the bottom seam and handles and across the top – you want a nice rectangle

Cutting Target Bag

Fold in half to make cutting across the top easier, quicker

Target plastic bag

IMPORTANT: Turn each bag inside out. Smooth flat

Stack of Plastic bags

Stack the inside-out bags on top of each other – you’ll try to line up the ink but it won’t be perfect.

Sandwich the stack of bags between the heat resistant craft sheets. It is best if the craft sheets are larger than what you’re ironing otherwise be very careful working the edges.

Turn on the iron to low. Do not use steam.

In a circular motion, begin ironing. And continue ironing. Maintain patience while continuing to iron.
This part is a little trial and error. Iron evenly so that all layers fuse together.
Too much heat in one area could melt a hole. Not enough heat in another area means not fused.

fused plastic bags target |

Once you’re sure the whole piece is fused, remove from the heat resistant sheets.
You’re ready to make something!

You can make a regular zipper pouch or a boxy zipper pouch.

Big Target fused plastic bag

Create a couple of sheets and you can make a large bag.

Target Tote Bag

Or a large tote bag.

Have you tried fusing plastic bags? What have you made?

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