Founders Hall, University of Dayton

My winter 2006 photo of Founders Hall at the University of Dayton gets plenty of hits on Flickr. It is a first-year residence hall aka freshman dorm, where I lived (the window just above the stop sign in this photo is room 136).

Founders Hall University of Dayton | udandi.com

I originally wrote this post in 2008 so even if that class was full of fifth-year seniors, they should be out in the work world now. With the 2013 renovation providing in-room air conditioning, I’d be curious to know if the open-door community survives. The in-room sinks are gone (probably busted off one too many times). The courtyard for the new entrance looks really nice!

University of Dayton Class of 2012, if you were lucky enough to be assigned a room in Founders Hall, you’re in for a great year! The location is ideal. The halls are wider than the rooms, which means people tend to leave their doors open so you have a chance to wander around and easily meet your neighbors (it also means if you live across from the showers and washroom, you will know waaaay too much about your neighbors’ hygiene habits, too, but try to overlook that).

All the rooms have sink (but don’t use it as a seat and bust it off the wall because you will have a flood-true story-not my room). Enjoy having a fridge in your room, instead of having to haul one in on moving day.

Have a fun, safe and smart year! Make the most of your college years but avoid signing up for those credit cards offers.

Edited August 13, 2009 to add: I believe new regulations do not allow credit card companies to offer premiums for sign ups.

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