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frolic If you’re a quilter or like the fabrics check out Laurie’s Fabric House on etsy or eBay.

Laurie, her daughter Dazzles (the brownie challenger and sweater donor) and I met working at a library. We’ve since left that library for greener pastures: me another library, Dazzles a fun mom and extreme couponer and Laurie to manage her online fabric empire. I was thrilled to hear that her sales have increased now that she’s able to focus on it full-time.

Since I can barely wrap my head around knitting, I don’t have any plans to take up quilting but I do buy fat quarters for all those fun little fat quarter projects I’m going to make *someday* like those at 2 little hooligans fat quarter friday well, not the luggage tag because I’ve already made one

Shop Laurie’s Fabric House on etsy or eBay and then search for these books at your library, used book store or Amazon.

Photo: Frolic by Sandy Gervais from Laurie’s Fabric House

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  1. Dazzles
    June 13, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Love the blog post lady! Miss you!

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