Five Months Until Christmas!

With five months until Christmas, you have less time to create your advent calendar! I’ve shared two of mine adventbox2 and advent3

But there are still plenty of ideas, like this silver chalkboard tray silvertray

If you want ideas of how to fill an advent calendar, rather than fill it with candy, check out Oh Happy Day’s list of ideas. Or the list at Simple Radiant.

Seeing these matchbox ideas reminds me that I have extras I should list in my shop…if you’re interested, send me an email (udandi AT gmail DOT com) and I’ll check how many I have.

Martha Stewart suggests collecting baby socks to create advent calendar garland

Source: via Anita on Pinterest

Create an advent calendar from toilet paper (or paper towel) rolls

Have an old shoe organizer that you’re not using? Turn it into your advent calendar!

I’m thinking there is probably a way to use a holiday table runner and sew pockets on to it for a quick pocket advent calendar. Watch, someone has already done this, I just haven’t used the right search terms to locate it – ha!

If you need more ideas, search advent on Pinterest.

Now back to summer and then we’ll start on Halloween ideas!

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