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Closet Makeovers

closetNow that I work every fourth weekend, I’ve decided it is really important to use my three free weekends wisely. The first free weekend (the weekend following the work weekend) will be used to mentally refresh from working eleven of the last twelve days so I will not tackle a home project. The second free weekend will be home project weekend. The third weekend will be for either finishing up the previous weekend’s project or various small tasks and something fun!

This was my second free weekend, so I primed and painted three closets (I believe they are the source of a stench that occurs when the house is closed up and the outside temperature increases). Upon removing all the wood shelves and braces, I noticed the walls were discolored and wallboard (never primed or painted) so I cleaned them and wondered if that’s where the smoke and stench were lurking. The next day that warms up the closed house will tell!

In the coat closet, I moved the existing rod to nearly the ceiling so there would be room to hang another rod (recycled from the bedroom closet), however, I didn’t because doing so would block access to my shoes. To double the hanging space in the bedroom closet, I installed two wire shelves, which I found in the house so I only had to buy hardware. I have a laundry basket on the floor, which is why there is no room for shoes (if you read my shoe organization post you know how I feel about over-the-door shoe holders). The third closet is a great space in the basement with wire shelving, but it will remain empty until I invest in a exterminator to keep the creepy-crawlies at bay. Plus, I’m wrestling with being person in this house and filling up every closet I have.

As I put some clothes back in my bedroom closet (I’m not 100&% sure it won’t crash to the ground as I sleep), I realized it has been about a year since my last clothes de-cluttering so I need to tackle that. I am striving to fit all my clothes in a chest of drawers and in that space you see in the photo. Anything else will not have a place in this house. All this makes me wonder how more than one person previously fit their clothes, shoes, coats and luggage/bags in this house when the already small closet space was under-utilized. I’ve had friends that tell me I’m crazy for limiting my shoes to that of which fits in my shoe holder, but I’ve kept that up for a year!

Yes, this project along with mulching the leaves took me all weekend.

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