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Cincinnati Rollergirls 2012 Season

Cincinnati Rollergirls logoCincinnati Rollergirls kick off their 2012 season on Saturday, March 10 at the Cincinnati Gardens against Arch Rival.

Yes, Cincinnati’s has a roller derby team. We have had a roller derby team for years and if you didn’t know that, make 2012 the year you come out and support this team. There are only five games this season. FIVE so pick your date, grab your friends, pack the tailgating supplies, a couple noisemakers and join the fun.

Mar 10 Arch Rival
Mar 31 Demolition City
Apr 21 Tampa; Radioactive City Rollergirls
May 19 DC Rollergirls
June 9 Little Steel Rollergirls

If you don’t know a lick about roller derby, watch this Basics of Flat Track Derby video and you’ll be good.

Last year, I was a Nastee fan but she is not on the roster so my fan-dom reverts back to Wheezy and Buckhead Betty.

In an interview, they mention how they’re not just skaters, they’re everything from coaches, PR reps, marketers, ticket sellers, looking for sponsorship and more. All that in addition to their real lives and real jobs so it is really cool they’ve been nominated as best amateur sport in Cincinnati.

My Yelp Reveiw of the Day for Cincinnati Rollergirls
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  1. Cole
    March 15, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    Nice post! Roller Derby is a traditional race. I have seen this in movies only. Is there any post about another traditional event?


  2. Tracy
    March 30, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    Thanks for sharing this kind of post…I want to join here…

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