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Bob Harper DVD: Cardio Conditioning

I plan to review the Bob Harper DVDs I use. I picked up Bob Harper: Cardio Conditioning recently because with that name, I thought it would be a good cardio workout and a little different than his strength training DVDs.

This DVD still requires weights, but you get the cardio workout by moving through several moves quickly while using weights. If you have any aversion to deadlifts into squats into arm swings, you’re going to hate this DVD because that combo is used as active recovery from the other moves. The warmup includes squats, walkouts, mountain climbers, jump rope and jumping jacks. The more intense cardio comes from fast feet to jump twists (jumping with a 180 twist), tuck jumps and speed skaters.

You do not need a kettlebell for arm swings, I used mine because it is heavier than my dumbbell.

I thought Jillian Michaels was bats for her one-leg burpees and now Bob has you doing scorpion push ups – one leg is off the ground curled back toward the opposite side (I think I’m explaining it correctly).

For the HRM photo, I started this workout when I had a headache, thinking the blood moving would do me well, but my brain rattling meant I did not make it the full hour and I didn’t work into my target heart zone as best as I’m capable. Still, with the amount of deadlifts, squats or swings, I felt this workout the next day. Plus, doing walkouts and standing ab work, my core is engaged which is never a bad thing.

I would totally recommend this to someone who is looking to incorporate weight training into her routine since Bob coaches you through the moves. The second workout on the DVD is 23 minutes so you can bust through a workout when your time crunched. Bob calls it a legs and balance workout. You’re on your feet the whole time doing lunges, deadlifts, one-leg rows, squats holds, one-leg and arms and the whole time you’re engaging your core to help keep balance.

This DVD is cheap on Amazon and was sold as part of a 4-pack at Target with Pure Burn Super Strength, which is still my favorite Bob workout.

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