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Yoga with Friends

Backing up a week or so, the hot yoga studio I like opened a location in Clifton near the University of Cincinnati and offered free classes for seven days! I was ready to cash in on some free classes and introduce friends.

That Sunday, I went to spinning and checked out a heated music class solo just to get an idea of parking and the studio. All good! Then Monday, Mother Nature had the nerve to snow and make a mess of quitting time so we cancelled that yoga date. Since I was waiting out the snow, I did the following:

5 burpees
10 push ups
15 squat jumps
20 jump lunges
25 jumping jacks
30 mountain climbers

When I can’t do anything else, I can do that in under 3 minutes a round.

top weights bottom yoga

top weights bottom yoga

Friday night, I had another yoga date with Amy who was delighted I posted about my cycling shoes. Afterward, we each enjoyed a witch hazel wipe on our faces. These randomly showed up at my door one day and were from Self Magazine. I believe they have my name on file because I participated in their slim down last spring. I can’t remember the hashtag, but I’m sure those who were annoyed by my tweets remember it.

Moving on, since I picked up my Yoga Alive Sweaty Band which I won via Twitter, I had to wear it on Saturday to see how it held up for weights and yoga – excellent, no bobby pins needed! I met Laura for another yoga class and hot damn! we ended up under the heat vent and in front of the humidifier, but we were champs and didn’t act like fools (ahem, same couldn’t be said for the guy who was lying on this belly, head propped up in his hand chattering away to his gal pal like they were beach side instead of observing silence before class).


The rest of the week, I did spinning and resistance DVDs as evident by the photos on my phone, like this gem wearing I’m showing I forgot my gym shoes and would be walking into the gym in my Sketchers.

This week, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been phoning it in because I’m suffering the spring edition of my usual Cincinnati sinus situation. If you’ve seen me in person, you know how hard it is for me to blow my nose and spin or lift weights.

After President’s Day, I’m hoping to make it to a studio that gifted me with 5 free classes so I can kickstart my heart (not really, I just always have Motley Crue in my head) so I can try out some different classes!

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