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Workout Review: Dirty Dancing Official Dance Workout

If your New Year’s resolution to dance or workout, then this DVD is for you! Like most AV materials, I picked up the Dirty Dancing Official Dance Workout DVD from my local library (different than the one I work) to test drive it before I buy it, because places like Amazon can be short on information, which is why I am doing my own review. This video has been a delightful way to get up and moving, but I am sad that it is almost time to return it to the library, there’s a waiting list, or incur fines.

This workout DVD was inspired by the #1 dance movie of all time, Dirty Dancing and I can tell you, I would have loved to have this as a 12-year-old at slumber parties with my friends. This is a welcome change to other workouts, plus as someone who lacks coordination, this is a challenge, but still fun and to music I like.

The video is about 73 minutes long and it is a solo dance workout, you will be not be jumping off your coffee table a la Johnny or running across your living room to be held up like Baby. Moving along due to licensing, I’m sure, the songs used for the workout do not coordinate with dances in the movies. Here are the DVD segments and times:

The Dance Syllabus – 11 minutes – learn all the signature Dirty Dancing-inspired moves
Love Man – 12 minutes – inspired by moves of Kellerman’s dance staff
Yes – 13 minutes – Last dance, Johnny’s & his groups dance (when Baby is standing on the stage just before that ridiculous lift)
Johnny’s Mambo – 14 minutes –
Do You Love Me – 12 minutes – Penny’s grapevine and other moves created for the workout
Saturday Night Dance Challenge -11 minutes – to show off your dance moves

Each dance routine segment provides a slow instruction, dancing to the music with instruction and dancing to the music without instruction. After a few run-throughs I finally am able to do Love Man using the third option. I’m working on Do You Love Me, because I found Yes to be a little too quick or fancy footwork combined with hopping around (the neighbor below makes snide comments about my stepping around – my favorite workout videos use Gaiam/The Firm’s Fanny Lifter so what does he expect?!).

The instructors are not annoying, but I prefer the guy’s instruction style to the girl’s, but it could be that she does the fast-pace dances and I just cannot keep up with her anyway. I liked this workout better than Dancing With the Stars – Cardio Dance and I think the difference was this workout offered the dance syllabus.

I like doing workout videos (at work we do Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds and I have another to review) but two dance workout videos I like enough to own and have reviewed are:
Crunch Cardio Dance Blast
Prevention Dance Yourself Thin

If you are looking for more inspiration in your weight loss journey, check out the Cincinnati Losers who have been losing it together for nearly 20 weeks!

Note: This review was made possible by checking out materials from my local libraries. No compensation was provide to me for this review. Post contains affiliate link

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4 Comment

  1. Robin
    January 2, 2009 at 8:15 am

    I haven’t seen this one yet. Can’t wait to try it. I’ll check my library (Delhi) to see if they have it, or I’ll order it from another library. Thanks for the heads up on this. Looks fun.

  2. Deana
    January 2, 2009 at 11:16 am

    Ok, well if I can’t jump off the coffee table & run across the room, it’s just not going to be the same. I bet Bob would try it with though, if I asked nicely! 🙂 The video sounds like FUN, FUN, FUN!

    Nobody puts Baby in the corner…

    Deana’s last blog post..Today I will…

  3. Andi
    January 2, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    oh Deana, you certainly can do that, you just need to know how since the video isn’t going to teach you 🙂 This would be a great family workout, for sure!

    Andi’s last blog post..Altered Recipe Book mosaic [Flickr]

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