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Workout on the Green | Cincinnati Washington Park

Workout on the Green is a series of FREE workouts at Washington Park in Cincinnati. For 2016, there will be free classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that might be pilates, total body workout, yoga, and boot camp – basically something for every interest and skill level.

Boot Camp on the Green [] #Free

It started in 2013 with just yoga on the green so it is a great addition that they have the studios and businesses to sponsor more opportunities for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents to get outside and be active!

The boot camp was styled a little different than any of the other free workouts I’ve done at Washington Park in that it started and ended on the lawn, like you see in the photo, but in between we cleared to one side and did high knees, bear crawls, walking lunges, frog jumps, and always sprints that took us back and forth over the lawn (this was a bulk of the workout).

The thing about this particular workout setup is most people have some sort of personal belonging on them whether house or car keys, water bottle, towel so you’re leaving them sitting yards away while you do this workout. Some people were apprehensive to leave their belongings and some ladies who came with friends alternated on the agility work so one never left their stuff. For reference, the other workouts on the green that I have done have never had people moving away from one spot.

I was really surprised that when it moved into tabata work that they chose 35 seconds, instead of 20 seconds activity 10 seconds rest. After all that sprinting and agility work, a regular person who may not be working out at a high intensity a couple times a week is going to be gassed. He ended the workout 5 minutes early because he said everyone looked like death. I thought people looked good given the agility workout was rather repetitive and the tabatas were long.

It was definitely a heart-pumping workout and I look forward to trying this out a few more Tuesday nights with the hopes they tighten up a few things, but on the other hand, it’s a free workout.

Parking is available in the garage under Washington Park or at meters along the streets. Arrive early to fill out your waiver and settle into a spot.

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