Wonderful Containers

It is very hard for me to throw away or even recycle empty containers…especially glass containers.  I blame this tendency toward hoarding containers, boxes, and bags on my mother, who I must have inherited this gene from since she does the same thing. 

However, since I started packing on a regular basis I have been able to put this pack rat tendency to good use. For example, my favorite repurposed jar is a pimento jar. I have a casserole (that I will share sometime in the future) that calls for pimentos and I love getting another jar to add to my stash almost as much as I love the recipe! It is the perfect size for salad dressing, butter for toast, ketchup, or any thing else that you need in small amounts. I also have yeast jars that are great for storing nuts for a midmorning snack, jalapeno jars that are just the right size for carrot sticks, 8 oz sour cream containers that help with chip portion control…ah wonderful containers…

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