Whoo has a Birthday?

amyinohioLast wednesday, I celebrated AmyinOHio’s birthday by giving her an owl sleeping mask. If the orange looks familiar, it is because it is the felted sweater I got from my friend and made into a purse. LBlack buttons were stitched on white felt and yellow felt was stitched on to create a beak. The back side is a soft, former t-shirt and I used gingham ribbon so she can tie it on. Do I think she’ll really wear it? Well, no but she did wear it on her forehead at her party, which was at a bar in downtown Cincinnati.

I packaged it in a recycled pineapple tin because I had been telling Amy about surprise tins and I wanted her to experience one.

She’s been very supportive of Lunch It Punch It and I know she loves owls so when I saw something similar, I knew I had to make it for her!

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