Who Needs Cable?

Not me. I have never had a cable bill. I lived with my parents who paid for cable. At college and grad school, I lived in university housing in which it was included in the rent. My swanky single girl apartment (hey, it’s not fancy unless you say it!), is sans cable and I barely turn on the television.

It is not that I do not watch TV nor do I think I am better than television watchers (that’s for my friend, JC!), it is just not my hobby. The two shows I enjoy watching, The Office and How I Met Your Mother, do not require cable or I can watch online, but I do not have to see when they air. I watch movies, documentaries and shows like Big Love, Nip/Tuck and now MadMen when the full seasons are available on DVD through my local library*. If there is something on cable I just have to see, I ask my parents or friends if I can watch it at their place. Most of the time, I find I can do without television but still participate in pop culture conversations by being a listener. It is good for me to work on not being the gassy talker, who also blogs.

As for my television, it was a hand-me-down from when a relative upgraded, is now on its last picture tube. The top one-third of the picture is going out so if I’m watching sports I never know the score, but when doing a workout video I can always see the people’s feet and hear. trade-offs. I plan to buy a new television, maybe not by February 17 when the FCC makes the switch to digital, but in 2009.

If you are looking for more than the usual resources so you can stop paying for cable, head over to Wise Bread and read through the comments. I noticed some commenters are not willing to give up their cable or Netflix and I can respect that because I would not willingly give up my craft supplies (not that I spend $30 a month on them, which is what it would cost me for cable)!

Back in August, Wise Bread listed yours truly among sweet company in its list of personal finance blogs by women. A list of many voices can be helpful if your 2009 resolutions include learning what a Roth IRA is, chipping away at your debt, increasing your 401k contribution, figuring out how to create a budget and more.

*Cincinnati & Northern Kentuckians living and carrying a library card in Hamilton, Clermont, Campbell, Kenton or Boone means you are able to get library cards for each of the other public library systems giving you access to about 65 branch locations among five library systems.

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  1. Robin
    January 5, 2009 at 9:08 am

    Me too! I rarely watch TV. I usually only TIVO things like workouts from FitTV. I’d much rather be doing something productive or creative with my time.

    TV is so old millenium. 🙂

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