Where Do You Lunch?

tying flies at lunch

tying flies lunch it punch it-style

A couple weeks ago I got a great picture text from a friend and Lunch It Punch It fan, AjSutts, who is a fly-fisher:

Molding lunch it punch it into my own. Sandwich eating and fly tying on my lunch break

He shows us our best lunch companion might be our hobby. No matter where I am, I tend to have my phone and catch up on my social media sites.

One workplace discouraged lunching at your desk. Some of our coworkers pack and eat in their cars, just to leave the building and have a change of scenery. Some coworkers grab a book, newspaper or magazine.

Your turn, where and how do you enjoy your packed lunch?

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  1. Emmy
    March 30, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    I usually eat at my desk. It’s the cleanest place in the office. LOL We have a dining table and chairs but people leave crumbs and such so I don’t like to eat there. When the weather gets nice, I like to eat quick and then go for a drive to get away from the office. There are country roads right by my work…wandering roads with lots of trees and farms. Very calming and relaxing…unless you get stuck behind a giant tractor.

    1. Andi
      April 2, 2011 at 9:38 am

      I’ve always had 30-minute lunches and now that I’m about 25 steps from the breakroom, I feel like I have so much more time because I’m not walking the north 40 to get my lunch, prepare it and then find the best place to sit.

      There’s a park down the road that I’d like to go when it warms up, but I’m afraid of getting stuck behind slow moving traffic on my way back and being late :/

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