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When it Rains, It Pours

In real life and with my posting on this blog…I think I will become a weekend blogger.

So last week on the way home of the first day of my new job a random tire is bouncing around the street like a pinball and is headed toward my car. Since there was a car following rather close behind me and I couldn’t easily predict where the tire was headed, I chose not to slam on my breaks. The tire slammed into my front bumper, pulled it out and down a bit and scratched up the paint then proceeded to roll onto the next car.

The following morning a deer jumped out in front of me and again with the close follower behind me (seriously people stop it, you’ll get there when you get there), I was lucky the deer and his hefty antlers went over in front of my car and I didn’t have to stop.

Then, this past Wednesday when I opened my freezer to make my smoothie I noticed everything looked like it was defrosting, like maybe I didn’t close the door all the way (although it was closed when I opened it). When I got home from work and checked, it was worse and stuff was even more defrosted.

My landlord is out of town and unreachable so I called the person he left in charge. He said he would be over Thursday afternoon to turn on a spare fridge that is in the apartment basement. He forgot. So by Thursday night when I called to remind him, everything I had was pretty much wasted or leaked out, which stinks because I had just gone grocery shopping on Monday.

Apparently, the landlord can get in touch with this handyman, but not me. The handyman said the landlord said he just replaced another fridge in apartment 2 last week so he just wants to have a repairman look at my fridge/freezer on Monday and see if that does the trick. Lovely. I am without the appliance for several days, wasted a bunch of food and hoping whatever happens on Monday works so that when I buy groceries again, they will keep. blargh.

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