What’s Really in My Lunch Bag

I’ve been asked, what’s really in your lunch bag?

It’s true when I take a photo at lunch it looks something like this


That seems small to some people, but what I actually pack and eat for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack is like this


I eat a banana for breakfast and the clementine is a mid-morning snack if needed. Then, I have my lunch entree, apple and cheese. For an afternoon snack, carrots and hummus. If I workout after work, I’m probably going to two classes so I eat the Kid Clif bar either between classes or after the last one so I don’t eat the house when I get home. If I workout before work, I eat the banana and maybe the clementine. Again, the Clif bar is only if really needed. It’s like if I have it, I’m not hungry, but if I don’t pack it, I’ll eat my desk. I drink water all day so my hunger isn’t dehydration.

The reason you don’t see everything at once (at lunch) is because I don’t eat everything at once and I pack my lunch bag the night before but don’t always think to take a photo.

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