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What’s Packin’ Today?

Today I have jury duty.  So the question is…what do I pack for lunch.  Last night I made some Mexican shepherd’s pie and I really want to take that, but with jury duty I think I will need something that won’t need warmed up.  It also wouldn’t work too well towards my goal for the class reunion.  So chicken salad wrap it is.  I was wondering if any of the lunchit punchit fans have any new ideas for sandwich salads.  My egg, tuna, and chicken salads are good, but they are getting quite tired and I’m getting tired of them.  I’m curious to what some of your favorite wraps are and how you make them.

Mexican Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Note:  I use the Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes for this recipe, they’re pretty good!  So some of the ingredients for the mashed potatoes aren’t needed.

Mexican Shepherd’s Pie

Share your wraps!

ECO Lunchbag – Azul Caribbean Winds

from: Nubius Organics

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