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What’s in Your Grocery Basket?

By way of Vegan Diva, I saw the meme for What’s in Your Grocery Basket? hosted by the Food Maven:

I thought it would be fun to have a one day event where we all share what we bought during one trip to the store.

To participate:

* List everything you bought, even the potentially embarrassing bits
* How much you spent
* Share where you shopped
* Post a picture (if possible)
* Send me a link to the post to my email address : coconutlimeblog @ gmail . com
* Post by January 25th, and the round up will be here on Jan. 27th.

I’m not sure if I’ll be shopping before the deadline, but it sounds like fun! Spending the day with my grandma, I learned she likes shopping at this one particular store, but she always comes home with more than she needs. It must be where I get it from. She ended up sending me home (actually to work) with an iced-down cooler with enough food for a complete dinner for at least 3 people!

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