What’s a serving?

Are you filling half your plate with vegetables and fruits? What tips do you have to make it happen?

When the USDA scraped the food pyramid and opted for the plate with a note that half your plate should be fruits and vegetables, I wonder what does that mean if you’re not putting them on a plate, if you’re packing them in a lunch, on a sandwich, mixed in something else?

Luckily the answer is within the site, but in an odd pop-up window, so I copied the information into a document for myself to keep handy in the kitchen (or not so handy, I keep adding more paper to this file in my kitchen) and decided to make it a PDF to share with others who might be like me.

PDF Vegetables and Fruits 1 cup and 1/2 cup

In looking around, I found the Fruits and Vegetables More Matters website of MyPlate Makeovers so you can see what half a plate of fruits and vegetables look like in action aka get some new ideas for packing in your lunch!

Also on Fruits and Vegetables More Matters (awkward name or is it just me?) I saw a couple links to PDFs that might be of interest:
Fast, healthy lunches on the go – for kids lunches but maybe something new for adults gravitating back to the lunch packing world.
Family Meal Makeovers – good ideas for incorporating more fruits and vegetables into meals.

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