Beach Vacation!!!

The family, PharmaSis and I are headed south for our first family vacation in five years! We have no big plans other than spending time together, reading and puzzle books at the beach and pool. I am bound to take a ridiculous amount of photos, especially of my niece and nephew. My niece wants to play miniature golf. My dad wants to eat great seafood. PharmaSis and I have a plan of jotting down our past vacation memories* so we can turn them into a vacation journal. It’s going to be the most fun!

For so many reasons, Shag is one of my favorite movies, but most of all because it is about a beach vacation. Since since the sound track was terrible, I made a compilation of songs from the movie to listen to while on vacation.

*one of my favorite vacation photographs was staged and inspired by Police Academy. Without Dad’s knowledge, my brother wrote DORK with sunscreen on our dad’s back while I snapped a photo. When we told him to look in the mirror, he laughed, we laughed, we laughed some more while he probably had one of those moments where he realized his humor was going to come back, in the form of his children, to bite him in the ass 🙂 ah, good times!

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